Housing Options Team Leader

Job Details

Job title: Housing Options Team Leader

Client: Enfield Council

Umbrella rate: £27.01

Duration of contract: 3-6 months

Location: John Wilkes House, Enfield


1.    Through own behaviours, promote the development and adoption of the Council’s behavioural competencies and attitudes
2.    Ensure the effective use of allocated resources to deliver the required outputs necessary to achieve the overall outcomes
3.    Ensure all team members are aware of  expectations of the services and the individual contributions expected of them and that each makes an appropriate contribution to realising these expectations and delivering value for money services
4.    Ensure an equitable allocation of work to individual team members
5.    Develop and implement relevant/appropriate team and individual performance expectations, ensuring staff fully understand the contribution they are expected to make and how this will be measured/assessed
6.    Ensure the team has cost effective access to enough levels of technical/professional knowledge and competence to deliver outputs to the required standard
7.    Actively seek out and develop opportunities to enhance the delivery of required outcomes through engagement/closer alignment of teams/ collaboration with colleagues across the Council and partner organisations
8.    Ensure members of the team are aware and comply with any statutory/ regulatory/professional and/or corporate standards, Council values and the code of conduct



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