Highways Repairs charghand operative – Islington London Borough Council

Job Details


To work as part of a team assisting in the provision of a safe public realm including highways and open spaces, within the borough for all users and to drive a non-large goods vehicle.

  1. To work with hand tools (including powered tools) for the purpose of excavating and clearing, mixing, application, laying, levelling, spreading, compaction of granular bituminous concrete, soil or water bound materials and work with a skilled operative in the laying of pre cast natural stone paving, kerbs, block and modular paving, soil or grass.
  2. Repair, clean, install, or removeal street furniture, including, road studs, posts, signs, guard rails, traffic counters, etc.
  3. Carrying out a range of maintenance and construction work on natural and artificial surfaces such as mowing, sweeping, edging, raking, digging, pruning, turfing, sowing seeds, watering, painting, litter collection and emptying bins etc.
  4. To carry out road markings and sign installation works e.g. attach signs using step ladders and tools to signposts, lamp columns, etc.
  5. Mixing, application or removal of paint, plastics, adhesives or corrosion and application of fertilisers and pesticides (when qualified) and mulches and litter.
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