5250898(SJ) – PCN Appeals Officer

Job Details

Job Purpose:

  1. To assess and respond to representations, appeals, and other statutory correspondence which contest parking and traffic related Penalty Charge Notices (principally issued for violation of parking, bus lane, and moving traffic restrictions).
  2. To take decisions on whether or not to uphold or cancel Penalty Charge Notices in accordance with council policy and all relevant legislative processes.
  3. To assist in the management of the debt recovery processes, and provide a high standard of service to required quality and productivity standards.

Principal Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

1. To be highly proficient in the use of the standard word processing systems used to progress parking appeals, and continue to maintain that proficiency as and when new software packages are added.

2. To have a complete understanding of the relevant traffic and parking legislation, to consider appeals following ‘representations’ under that legislation, be responsible for deciding on whether the appeal is to be accepted or rejected,  and send out appropriate decision letters.

3. Prepare appeal papers for submission to the Environment and Traffic Appeals service, and where necessary represent the Council at Appeal Court Hearings.  Ensure that all appeals are dealt with within the time limits specified within the relevant legislation.

4. Prepare evidence for legal actions in the County Court

5. Administer the Debt Recovery process, including the administration of witness statements, the management of bailiffs and County Court hearings; ensuring that the debt is administered within legal constraints and according to policies and procedures.

Umbrella hourly rate – £23.80