Access to Education Officer

Job Details


• Identify students who may not be accessing education despite being on the roll of a
school, understand actions undertaken to support the young person in accessing
education and provide advice and guidance to help secure their return.
• Support the SEN department working with families where schools have been named on a
statement and parents are refusing to send their children. It will require mediation and
professional challenge to schools.
• Provide support to cases, where places have been allocated via FAP.
• Carry out the local authorities’ responsibilities in reviewing EHE


1. Act as first point of contact for notifications and enquiries relating to children who are of
statutory school age, reported to not be in receipt of a suitable education despite being
on the roll of a school. Complete enquiries to understand work undertaken to support
children and young people, provide advice and guidance to parents and other
professionals including schools on strategies for supporting the return to education.
2. Maintain an accurate, up to date and secure database of children missing out on
education together with tracking reports relating to actions and interventions.
3. Undertake home visits as part of the EWS traded service offer.
4. Support children and young people in accessing education where a school place has
been allocated via Fair Access Panel (FAP). Including ensuring start dates are offered
and accepted by parent. Monitor the attendance for the first 6 weeks and where
needed provide advice to support the successful induction into education.
5. Ensure that parents are aware of their responsibility when declaring home education
make direct contact with parents following receipt of an intention to off-roll form (ITOR)
stating EHE
6. To build professional relationships and work in partnership with all key agencies and
Services, including the Youth Justice Service, Social Care, SEN, Housing, Police,
CAMHS and Health in order to effect positive early intervention outcomes,
attending/coordinating meetings/MOPAC days as necessary
7. To actively participate in legal processes, including preparation of written reports and
statements of evidence as necessary for criminal and family court proceedings and to
give oral evidence in court when required to do so

Pay rate: £23.96 per hour umbrella

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent