Advanced teaching assistant

Job Details

The core focus of this job is to work, under the direction of the teacher and other appropriate staff, in assisting in and contributing to the planning, delivery and evaluation of the learning process.  The post holder will work in classes or other appropriate locations with access to support and guidance, supervising groups and /or individual pupils.


  • Assist in the planning and evaluation of learning activities with the teacher. Deliver learning activities for individuals and groups of learners under the professional direction and supervision of a qualified teacher, differentiating and adapting learning programmes to support the needs of allocated pupils
  • With the teacher, plan and deliver small group interventions, with clear objectives and appropriate learning outcomes
  • Monitor and record learner responses and learning achievements and give appropriate feedback to teachers towards the overall assessment of learner progress and attainment made by the teacher and other professionals
  • Interact with learners in ways that support the development of their ability to think and learn, including the use of careful questioning
  • Support and assist in the development and implementation of appropriate behaviour management strategies
  • Take account of the effects of different parenting approaches, backgrounds and routines, and be involved in home school liaison, as directed by the teacher
  • Support learners in their social and emotional wellbeing in implementing relevant social, health, and physical programmes, including for those with health, social and physical needs
  • Escort and supervise learners on educational visits and out of schools activities under the supervision of a teacher


  • Establish rapport and respectful, trusting relationships and communicate effectively with learners, their families and carers, and other agencies / professionals, sharing confidential information as required.
  • Initiate appropriate and effective communication with the teacher, and other professionals, forging and sustaining relationships across agencies

              Sharing Information:

  • Assess, record and report on learners attainment and progress within assessment and reporting processes
  • Participate in meetings with other staff, external professionals and parents regarding learners, in a support capacity to the teacher, who will normally lead on such matters
  • Assist in the induction and development of classroom support staff, cascading information and good practice
  • Pay due regard to professional boundaries, maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of learners:

  • Carry out tasks associated with learner’s personal hygiene and welfare, including personal intimate care, physical and medical needs, whilst encouraging independence
  • Dealing with accidents, emergencies and illness by following agreed procedures, including reporting and recording. dealing with risks and hazards according to procedures.
  • Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of learners in line with policy and legislation, raising concerns as appropriate


  • Assist the teacher and work as directed in preparation of the classroom and resources for planned work to take place
  • Undertake routine clerical duties as required
  • Support the use of ICT and adhere to relevant policies
  • Supervise and provide access arrangement for pupils sitting internal and external examinations and tests, ensuring that examinations comply with Examination Board Regulations

           Pay rate:

  • £22.51 umbrella per hour