Antisocial Behavior Officer

Job Details

To Investigate cases of nuisance and harassment and work to resolve them. giving intensive support to tenants as necessary. Agree and implement courses of action in conjunction with all relevant agencies/parties.

To deal with all correspondence and, in conjunction with the Councils Legal Team, recommend appropriate legal action, including preparing and serving warnings, Notices, Acceptable Behavioural Contracts and Injunctions. Visiting Reporters and Subjects in their home and preparing for and attending court both in the capacity of witness and supporting witnesses. Preferred experience of working on QL Housing management System,

To be a key member of the Tenancy Services Section, responsible for the management of all anti-social behaviour in accordance with the Councils policies and procedures.
� To support the Council�s move to a more place-based approach, working to instil community cohesion and community pride, working with and alongside residents to tackle issues and bring about positive

The candidate should have at least 2 years experience in a Anti-Social Behaviour background within housing.

Umbrella hourly rate – £20.16