Consultant Psychologist

Job Details

Key responsibilities

  • To provide highly developed specialist psychological assessments of clients
    based upon the appropriate use, interpretation and integration of complex data
    from a variety of sources including psychological (and neuropsychological) tests,
    self-report measures, rating scales direct and indirect structured observations
    and semi-structured interviews with clients, their family members and others
    involved in their care, in order to reach a psychological formulation of the client’s
  • To formulate plans for the formal psychological treatment and/or management
    of a client presenting problems, based upon an appropriate conceptual
    framework of their strengths and difficulties, and employing methods based
    upon evidence of efficacy, across the full range of care settings.
  • To be responsible for implementing a range of highly specialist psychological
    interventions for individuals, carers, families and groups, within and across
    teams, adjusting and refining psychological formulations, drawing upon a range
    of theoretical models and evaluating a number of provisional hypotheses.
  • To provide specialist assessments of clients presenting with cognitive impairment
    due to a variety of causes or organic conditions, including pre-assessment
    counselling and neuropsychological and functional assessments, and to be able
    to adjust psychological interventions to work effectively with people presenting
    with complex needs due to cognitive impairment and organic disorders.
  • To make highly skilled evaluations and decisions about treatment options taking
    into account both theoretical and therapeutic models and highly complex factors
    concerning environmental and developmental processes that have shaped the
    individual, family or group.
  • To exercise full responsibility and autonomy for the treatment of and discharge
    of clients whose needs are managed as a psychological treatment plan, ensuring
    appropriate assessment, formulation and interventions, agreed with the client,
    communicating with the referrer and others involved with the care on a regular
  • To provide expertise and specialist psychological advice, guidance and
    consultation to other professionals contributing directly to a clients’ formulations,
    diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • To ensure that all members of the clinical team have access to a psychologically
    based framework for the understanding and care of clients of the service,
    through the provision of advice and consultation and the dissemination of
    psychological knowledge, research and theory.
  • To undertake appropriate levels of risk assessment and risk management for all
    clients and to provide both general and specialist advice for psychologists and
    other professionals on psychological aspects of risk assessment and
  • To act as care co-ordinator, where appropriate, ensuring the prov1s1on of a care
    plan appropriate for the clients’ needs, co-ordinating the work of others involved
    with care, arranging the care plan reviews as required and communicating
    effectively with the client, his/her family and all others involved in care; and to
    monitor progress during the course of multi-disciplinary interventions.
  • To communicate in a highly skilled and sensitive manner, information concerning
    the assessment, formulation and treatment plans of clients, and to monitor and
    evaluate progress during the course of all care plans to which they are

Pay rate: £600 per day umbrella

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent