Digital Database Specialist

Job Details

Key Accountabilities:

Provide database and application support for Oracle / SQL Server databases, applications and tools.
Additional accountabilities for this job profile may be defined and appointed through the Chief Engineer Management Arrangements, with appointees listed within the Company Design Authorities and Technical Authorities, as held in the company management system.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Deliver a service compliant with the Service Level Agreements and monitor Service Level Agreements to ensure that all supported services continue to operate in line with business requirements.
  • Undertake problems investigation with supported services, ensuring that they are diagnosed and resolved in a timely manner.
  • Monitor activity and trends against supported services and work with colleagues and customers to initiate regular exercises to optimise database performance.
  • Develop and maintain database/application configurations and standards, ensuring that all standards are applied.
  • Develop and support database interfaces, to ensure that data is managed and controlled appropriate to the classification of the data.
  • Monitor, review and implement database security in-line with company policy and industry best practice. Identify and articulate risks associated with processing information within computer systems and networks in relation to supported services.
  • Reviewing and applying database product patches, inline with vendor recommendations.
  • Undertake the building, cloning and patching of support environments. Provide and maintain scripts to automate the monitoring and cloning of environments for quick and effective fault diagnosis.
  • Maintain installations, upgrades and maintenance of the database server, applications and tools.
  • Monitor database/application storage and growth trends, and initiate capacity management plans for supported services.
  • Maintain the backup mechanism. Develop and test database recovery plans on a regular basis and initiate recovery procedures when necessary.
  • Control and manage database changes or enhancements in line with current Change Control policies.
  • The implementation of code releases and configuration changes throughout the system life cycle. Review relevant change and custom releases for risk and impact analysis as part of the whole team to ensure a robust and efficient production system.
  • Create and maintain system/process documentation.
  • Assist other roles such as Developers, Functional Consultants and users with technical issues.
  • Ensures that account is taken of any relevant statutory or external regulations, standards and codes of good practice.
  • Provide support to project delivery managers to upgrade, develop and implement new systems, applications and services appropriate to the role and to agreed timescales.

Pay rate: £59.64 per hour umbrella