Education Welfare Officer

Job Details

– Supporting individual pupils and their parents

– Enabling effective communication between parents, carers, guardians and school

– Monitoring school and pupil attendance data to provide support and focus efforts to unblock wider barriers to attendance

– Helping allocated schools develop effective policies and procedures on attendance through termly conversations with school attendance leads sing data to identify pupils and cohorts at risk of poor attendance.

To develop, implement and review Attendance Plans for pupils and their families designed to help them overcome non-attendance difficulties.

– To engage parents in attendance contacts and in formal meetings regarding poor attendance.

– To deliver interventions directly to young people and / or the family unit and where required broker services, as part of the plan, from partner agencies, voluntary or community groups. – To be persistent in the engagement of families or individuals who may be resistant by using assertive, creative and practical engagement strategies.

– To identify and work with the school and the family of pupils who persistently and severely absent, or at risk of becoming so.

– Where required, to provide families with advice and guidance on the implications of non-school attendance and contributing to the process of applying due process, including legal proceedings in the event that statutory participation levels are not maintained.

– To work and maintain effective communications with partner agencies and support family members in accessing and engaging with universal and targeted services as required.

– To attend case conferences, statutory reviews, court and other meetings as required.

– To maintain timely and concise electronic case records and written reports that evidence the work undertaken and the progress achieved.

– When required, take statutory action against parents using penalty fines and preparing witness statements for the Family Proceedings or Magistrates Court.

– To review termly attendance data with allocated schools to identify action to improve attendance for individual pupils and meet school attendance targets.

payrate £20.22 umbrella