fleet manager

Job Details

Able to review the structures, processes, controls and database used to currently provide
the service, with comparison to other best practice models.
 Provide record of the total number of fleet items broken down by type and service
including current usage levels of fleet items.
 Undertake cost reviews relating to management and ownership of fleet items, and
options to make savings.
 Test appropriateness of current systems of control for the allocation and management of
fleet and fuel e.g. tracking of vehicle use, driver behaviour, fuel purchasing and use.
 Test appropriateness of current IT systems and use of technology that is used for the
management of fleet and/or to connect fleet with other IT systems e.g., use of tracking,
links to customer contact centre, use of fleet to collect data.
 Review current procurement and disposal arrangements of vehicles and arrangements in
relation to health and safety including driver checks, driver behaviour, vehicle testing.
 To review compliance with VOSA and Operator licence requirements where required.
 Undertake up to date reviews of our carbon footprint arising from the current fleet and
undertake management and control of business mileage.
 Test options for strategic and management of this service to deliver best value.
 Optimise the size and use of fleet required by the Council.
 Ensure effective procurement and financing arrangements for the acquisition of fleet
items; and for the effective disposal of fleet items.
 Recommend improvements to the use of technology in both the management of fleet
and in the connection of fleet with other systems of the Council.
 Review/implement systems of control for the allocation and use of fleet and fuel.
 Build assurance mechanisms for compliance with legislation including that relating to
health and safety, VOSA and Operator’s licence requirements.
 Make recommendations regarding the ongoing management and maintenance of fleet
and how the management of fleet can make a contribution to the Council’s net

Payrate : £31.19-£33.44 umbrella