Gas Service Engineer

Job Details

Purpose of job

To undertake highly skilled activities across a wide range of Gas related jobs in
domestic properties, ensuring that the quality of works meet current, Gas
Safety (Installation and use) Regulations 1998 requirements. To keep accurate
records of works undertaken and materials used.


1. To provide a wide range of professional Gas related skills throughout all
contracts serviced by Building Services, and where appropriate, to take a lead
role when working as a team or in conjunction with other trades (up to 5
2. To have a concise understanding of Domestic Gas works in order to carry
out repairs and installations as needed. Certificate work when completed.
(NB this acknowledges personal liability as per regulations).
3. Apply and fully complete the correct CP12 certification or equivalent.
4. To operate and maintain Gas testing equipment ensuring annual calibration is
carried out. Following testing decide on appropriate actions including, if
necessary, evacuation of premises and involvement of direct emergency
5. To hold appropriate certification for all Gas works undertaken.
6. To set out work from an engineering drawing.
7. To supervise and train apprentices and other trainees/work experience
individuals as assigned by management.
8. To drive and operate vehicles within your capabilities as requested by the line
manager. To maintain required qualifications/licenses and accreditations for
all these vehicles.

Pay rate: £30.20 per hour umbrella

Six to eight months contract with view to extend or make permanent