Head of Estates

Job Details

  • This role will lead, plan, deliver and develop an expert professional Estates Service and  undertake management of Council services. The post-holder will manage staff responsible for service delivery and operational support within the department. A main objective of the role is to ensure that the department undertakes effective cross-working within the Place Directorate and ensure the Council maximises service outcomes in relation financial management.

          Main Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Plan and ensure service delivery within a complex and diverse service area by leading a team of staff and specialist consultant’s ensuring professional standards are delivered.
  • Manage responses and communication to complex professional or politically sensitive issues within the area of responsibility, including Councillors, residents, business owners and internal stakeholders.
  • Significant budgetary responsibility for operation of the estates service and income targets (P&L) for the investment and non-operational assets.
  • Ensure the successful implementation of legislation, policies and practices.


  • Ensuring RICS/CIPFA compliant asset valuations for financial reporting and being the primary signatory to such reporting.
  • Management of the investment and non-operational estate consisting of a very diverse portfolio of over 3,000 assets ranging from industrial estates, retail units, telemasts, development properties, ground leases, residential concerns and land holdings.
  • To be the professional valuation lead and manage preparation and completion of the organisation’s statutory and mandatory valuation processes with the Council’s internal and external valuation experts.Providing a lead for complex valuation advice to Council departments and promoting the corporate use of the property assets across the Council.
  • Providing a lead for high level valuation, management and negotiation for the acquisition, review and disposal of all types of land and property.
  • Providing a lead for advice and producing reports for complex cases to Council representatives and clients.Manage a team of professional staff and consultants, undertaking and developing plans and appraisals on a regular basis and identifying training needs in accordance with the service.
  • Manage, monitor and commission a variety of systems and software for the management of estates services with a focus on integrating cross-function systems to benefit the organisation.To establish processes and systems for information and data management than can inform direction and strategy development.
  • This shall include the development of technical services within the estates functions.
  • To produce documents and reports for executive committees, legal, finance and other services as appropriate.
  • To undertake all procurement activity in accordance with organisational policies.Undertake effective contract performance and financial management by developing professional relationships, establishing protocols and setting KPIs where delivery failure can be held to account.
  • To be responsible for the statutory compliance of the estates services and cross-functional property services which are integrated and to advise staff including executives of their statutory responsibilities.In conjunction with executive management and members, exercise powers to undertake compulsory purchase orders and dispose of property interests accordingly.
  • To achieve financial KPIs from income generating assets whilst ensuring cost considerations for expenditure for capital investment and upgrades.
  • Attend meetings anywhere within the borough and on occasions across Manchester and the region as appropriate.Providing support to the Assistant Director Strategic Property in the provision of the functions of the Strategic Property Service.


  • Develop the estates department with a focus on all areas, prioritising delivery, recruitment and staffing development and integration across the organisation.
  • Undertake a contributory role in the development of a Strategic Asset Management Plan.
  • Contribute to strategy, focusing on all asset categories within the portfolio with particular attention dedicated to the investment estate.
  • Devise an estates systems and data management strategy to ensure that all systems are fit for purposes and integrate where possible across other systems within the organisation.
  • Providing a review and introduction function to introduce change to standard procedures and operational practices


£40 umbrella per hour