Housing Options Officer

Job Details

  • To actively support the prevention of homelessness by providing a comprehensive housing options and advice service. In addition to this fulfilling the statutory obligations in respect of homelessness and access to housing and work with partner organisations.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Consider and assess homeless applications in accordance with the Housing Act 1996 Part 7 as amended by the Homeless Reduction Act 2017
  • 2. To investigate, assess, assist and advise customers on their housing options, providing the Council’s statutory obligations in relation to housing advice and homeless services.
  • 3. To ensure that the Council complies with its statutory duties in providing homeless prevention advice, ensuring that the Council acts in accordance with the legislation and its timescales
  • 4. To actively work with clients to prevent their homelessness. By assisting them to retain their existing accommodation or secure alternative housing when all other housing options or solutions are exhausted.
  • 5. To reach determinations and recommendations on homelessness cases, in accordance with the legislation and relevant case law.
  • 6. To negotiate with landlords, parents and other agencies, both statutory and non-statutory to find the best solutions to clients housing needs.
  • 7. To advise clients on their housing options with regard to private rented, house shares, supported accommodation or access to the Council’s waiting list.
  • 8. To provide tenancy, rights of occupation, welfare and benefits advice to clients to ensure that they have the best possible opportunities to retain their current accommodation or sustain their new accommodation.
  • 9. To provide customers with robust action planning to ensure customers have the best chance to improve their housing options. Including the wider support planning, linking with education, employment, health and other support providers and agencies.
  • 10. To ensure that potential safeguarding issues involving both adults and children are identified and the appropriate corporate actions are taken.
  • 11. To attend multi agency meetings where appropriate to represent the Council in discussing clients and their circumstances.
  • 12. To attend Court where necessary on matters involving homelessness cases or clients.
  • 13. To work with the Temporary Accommodation Officer to make temporary accommodation placements and arrange for removals and storage.
  • 14. Assist in the administration of the Council’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme.
  • 15. To ensure that appropriate risk assessments are carried out and referrals are made as necessary for those clients moving in to temporary accommodation.
  • 16. To work out of office hours in times of civil or homelessness emergencies
  • payrate £45.03 umbrella