Information Officer – SC6

Job Details

  1. To create accurate records of ‘contacts’ to the service in respect of children and young people in need of help or protection by loading time sensitive data in an efficient manner.
  2. To undertake thorough database checks on children and families in response to local authority information requests ensuring that these are completed in a timely and professional manner.
  3. To support the service by screening duty calls from the public and professionals and accurately recording safeguarding concerns.
  4. To provide clear, concise and accurate reports detailing proportionate and relevant information held about children and families on request.
  5. To support the development and maintenance of operating procedures covering all elements of data input; data cleansing and other controls to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data.
  6. To identify discrepancies in systems and information contained within systems and to rectify discrepancies as required or when directed by managers.
  7. Keep abreast of developments in information sharing, data protection and IT and attend briefings as required.
  8. Work closely with the service ICT department to ensure the security of the data and ensure Data Protection policies are adhered to.
  9. Support the induction and training of new staff as required on the use of the database.
  10. Manage the workload as directed, and organise and plan work activities taking into account the need to prioritise tasks and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children and enabling rapid access to services.
  11. Ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and confidentiality policies.
  12. Work flexibly in order to meet the demands of the service.
  13. To take responsibility for your own professional development by actively engaging in supervision, appraisals, training and research activities.
  14. To have a basic working knowledge of the child protection and the concept of significant harm and to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of children in situations of risk, and to report concerns as soon as possible using agreed procedures.
  15. To undertake any duty as required, commensurate with the level and grade of the post.
  16. payrate£21.86 umbrella