Leasehold Services Officer

Job Details

Deal with general correspondence on leasehold issues and complaints,
ensuring a high level of professionalism and customer service is maintained at
all times. Undertake visits to leaseholders to carry out inspections, resolve
queries and commence enforcement action where required.
2. Interpret the terms of the lease and provide guidance for colleagues on
leasehold management issues and assist leaseholders in their understanding of
their lease.
3. Be proactive in maintaining current knowledge of leasehold management
issues in order to raise awareness within the organisation of potential risks and
ensure it is positioned to respond effectively and appropriately to changes in
legislation and best practice.
4. Develop and maintain effective working relationships with other Council staff
and a variety of statutory and voluntary agencies. Be proactive in raising
awareness of leasehold management and ensure front line officers and
appropriate personnel have the knowledge and understanding on the landlords’
repairs and maintenance responsibilities. Have appropriate systems and
procedures in place.
5. Update and maintain leasehold records and plans, ensuring all information is
accurate and has full supporting documentation. Maintain accurate written and
computerised records of progress and outcomes for all casework.
6. Manage and investigate issues of anti-social behaviour where the Leaseholder
is either the complainant or perpetrator in line with Council procedures and
current legislation.
7. Manage all leaseholder applications requiring permission under the lease
agreement. Respond to requests within set timescales, obtain technical advice,
and raise administration charges as necessary.
8. Be responsible for the provision and collection of annual service charges and
ground rent, ensuring billing is made within applicable timescales. Assist with
the collation of communal lighting and grounds maintenance fees. Present
Service Charge Accounts for audit and full annual certification in line with the
relevant legislation.
9. Advise on the legislative requirements for leaseholder consultation in respect of
major works and qualifying long-term agreements. Administer and monitor a
sinking fund for major works.
10.Undertake Section 20 Consultation in accordance with the procedures and
timescales laid down in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.
Issue all notices, respond to observations and provide supporting information
as required. Reconcile all costs to the contract and fees and ensure accurate
controls for audit and billing purposes.
11.Ensure that health and safety certificates are recorded, and subletting
leaseholders are aware of their responsibilities as a landlord.
12.Assist leaseholders with their right to a collective enfranchisement, liaising with
Legal Services as necessary.
13.Assist with the preparation of estimated service charges for the production of
the Right to Buy offer notices.
14.Prepare information for Leasehold Property Enquiry packs and respond to
enquiries in relation to the sale, assignment and purchase of a leasehold
15.Negotiate and monitor special arrangements for repayment of arrears with
debtors in line with the Council policy and procedures. Refer leaseholders to
the Financial Inclusion team for assistance where necessary. Refer cases to
Legal Services for recovery action and monitor progress in a timely manner.
Identify and propose cases for write off.
16.Provide evidence that can be used in a hearing of the First Tier Tribunal
(Property Chamber).
17.Attend and participate in internal and external meetings and training as
required. Ensure all literature is kept relevant and up to date.

Ensure that leaseholders are engaged, have the opportunity to influence the
service and participate in decision making that relates to their home and
neighbourhood. This includes attending meetings out of hours.
19.Participate in benchmarking exercises and the production of
performance information.
20.Carry out any other duties that are within the scope and grading of the
post which could also be requested by the line manager or Head of

payrate: £21.86 umbrella