Occupational Therapist

Job Details


  • To receive delegated referrals from Lead OT
  • To work autonomously and independently with access to sessional, clinical supervision.
  • To devise, implement and evaluate treatment programmes.
  • To complete comprehensive assessments of clients, using clinical reasoning to select appropriate assessment techniques which lead you to identify the client’s strengths and needs.
  • This will involve seeking and sharing personal and potentially sensitive information with the client.
  • To agree appropriate and realistic goals for treatment with the client and so produce a comprehensive treatment plan in order to achieve these goals.
  • To delegate appropriate case load to Occupational Therapy Assistant/s (OTA), helping prioritise and ensure programmes of therapeutic activities are implemented.
  • Responsible for carrying out comprehensive assessments within the community for people referred by the Assessment Service who meet our Fair Access to Care Services criteria and have either a permanent or a complex and substantial disability.
  • Carrying out re-assessments for people with long term or progressive social care needs.
  • Work in partnership with service users, carers, and a range of other professionals and colleagues to produce an Occupational Therapy support package that aims to maximise the service user’s independence.
  • Responsible for following up a support package to assess its impact and to record contact and case notes on appropriate systems.

Pay rate: £33.99 per hour umbrella

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent