Parking CCTV TL

Job Details

Main Description

To provide day to day operational management and support to a team of Parking CCTV Enforcement Officers, who monitor, review, assess and issue PCNs for moving traffic and parking contraventions recorded by CCTV, and to ensure compliance with all policies, procedures, service level agreements, key performance indicators, codes of practice and legislative requirements.

Key Accountabilities

• To effectively manage the CCTV operation in accordance with agreed deployment plans, legislation, and Council policies.
• To plan, allocate and manage work schedules and staff rotas on a day-to-day basis to ensure sufficient staff resources are in place to meet the services’ enforcement requirements.
• To monitor the performance of contractors against the requirements of the contract to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with set performance targets, ensuring there are comprehensive and effective performance management systems in place to achieve service delivery and to meet any required business targets, priorities, and to address staff development.
• To ensure that the review and assessment of all recorded parking and traffic contraventions, and the issue of PCNs, is in line with policies, procedures, codes of practice and legislative requirements.
• To manage the upkeep of all equipment held in the Control Room, i.e. CCTV equipment, ANPR Cameras, Notice Processing software, reporting faults and managing the maintenance cycle.
• To ensure processes and procedures are in place to record and maintain records relating to Camera Enforcement activity.
• To take responsibility for the security of information within the Control Room and to ensure security procedures are in place to detect incidents and unlawful activities.
• To keep up to date with relevant legislation affecting parking services, identifying issues of concern or non-compliance. Implement changes to procedures where necessary
• As and when required, to operate CCTV and any associated equipment to carry out the enforcement of parking and traffic contraventions in the borough

Umbrella hourly rate –