Personal Advisor

Job Details

  • london borough of barnet have an exciting role and are looking for a personal advisor this would be to Hold an allocated caseload and be responsible for the provision of direct services to care leavers. Personal Advisors will be responsible for managing some complex and high risk cases and delivering high quality practice in all allocated cases to improve outcomes for young people 18 years – 24 years old and ensure a multi-agency approach to supporting vulnerable young people by working to national legislation, policy and guidance within London Borough of Barnet procedures and team/service plan objectives and standards. To be responsible for recording all activity on ICS accurately and in a timely manner so that departmental records are consistently correct and all activity can be properly accounted for.
  • engage with young people to identify and address their needs, strengths and risks, complete Pathway Plans, offering information, advice, guidance, risk management and support on learning and career options and personal development opportunities, with a view to raising the aspirations and outcomes of each young person;
  • to motivate, promote and sustain life quality improvements with each young person via creative direct work and utilising appropriate agencies and other linked professionals;
  • work with and support education and training organisations and employers in meeting the needs of young people;
  • develop and/or use a network of voluntary, statutory and community agencies, and commercial bodies to ensure a coherent approach to support for the young person;
  • work with parents, carers and families to support young people in accessing learning and other personal development opportunities;
  • manage information effectively to facilitate the process of meeting the needs and risks of young people;
  • review and reflect upon own individual professional practice to achieve continuous improvement and actively engage and respond to monthly key performance data requirements
  • Payrate :£25.01 umbrella