Placements Brokerage Officer

Job Details

  1. Ensure that requests to procure services are supported by authorisation from CSC team manager, service manager or assistant director (as required)
  2. To ensure, manage and be responsible for placement search activity allocated, ensuring that the necessary documents are completed, that it meets the criteria of GDPR legislations, it is recorded, processed and maintained, checking for accurate information and rejecting as appropriate before sending over to providers liaising with social workers and managers as and when required
  3. To tender service requests via in-house, framework or spot provision mechanisms
  4. To develop an auditable chronology of search activity in order that our activity can be quantified and remains accountable
  5. To identify, establish and coordinate high quality, carefully selected placements based on a child/young person’s needs. This involves respond to placement requests, both planned and emergency, by searching for placements using London Care Placements Frameworks and in-house databases of preferred providers and those who are tried and trusted. Liaison with social workers, team managers, health and education colleagues, providers of care, placement officers, other local authorities and foster carers is fundamental to ensure that the placement is appropriately matched with the child/young person.
  6. To follow up potential leads and known contacts in order to facilitate potential offers of provision
  7. Escalate all searches that have not developed to service offer within 20 working days, promoting placement stability through the development of effective working relationships, attending, convening and/or facilitating placement review meetings
  8. Provide service options to CSC social work teams as soon as offers are received, ensuring that all placements demonstrate best value for the local authority. This includes negotiating with providers regarding costs of placements and structuring contracts and individual agreements based on cost reductions. Keeping robust records of agreements over costs and discounts and uploading these onto team systems is also fundamental
  9. To ensure that selected option has an associated request for resources that can be progressed to purchase order and is therefore available to be paid once invoice is received
  10. To contribute to relevant performance (placement or non-placement) dashboard to ensure colleagues are kept abreast of changes, news and information within the social care field, especially with regard to placements.
  11. To assist in the contracting process for the Placement service, developing contracts for placements and ensuring that all contracts are in place, are robust and that challenges are raised with providers when This will involve in depth knowledge and expertise about London Care Placements contracts and other use of contracting processes so that approaches can be developed to working with providers based on outcomes, contracting penalties and incentive.
  12. To carry an allocated caseload of children and young people for placement coordination and contract monitoring. This involves being responsible for ensuring that high quality placements are sourced according to team procedures and maintaining robust contract monitoring arrangements for all allocated
  13. To develop individual placement agreements for all children and young people in placement which clarify the terms of the placement and expectations of the provider. The individual placement agreement will be developed using information specific to the needs of the children/young people with social workers, health professionals, care providers, parents/carers, Independent Reviewing Officers, and other relevant
  14. To effectively monitor and ensure the success of placements by agreeing measurable and meaningful outcomes within individual placement agreements, by liaising with providers regarding evidence and documentation, gathering information from children and young people, parents and carers, providers, social workers, independent reviewing officers, health and education professionals. To proactively seek out information and evidence that raises concern or provides reassurance about the quality of the placement. Where concerns are raised, to discuss and investigate this with providers and managers as necessary
  15. To continue to develop and maintain the team database of children’s placement resources, including information about quality, value for money and feedback from professionals, evidence of improved outcomes of current placements, as well as by drawing on and contributing to regional frameworks where appropriate. This involves ongoing research as well as proactive communication with providers, local authorities and other professionals who can contribute to information regarding
  16. To maintain accurate records about all activity relating to the role, which includes updating children’s electronic records, keeping a robust electronic filing system within the team on casework, contracts and placement related
  17. To contribute to management information reporting by producing and maintaining accurate and timely data on personal activity, and children and young people related data including their placements, all costs and expected changes.
  18. To develop good relationships with care providers, social workers and support staff, education, health workers and other relevant professionals in order to facilitate good communication and joint working on placements, especially in complex cases. This supports a collaborative placement finding process, involving a range of professionals, as well as ensuring that good communication continues throughout the duration of the placement to promote placement stability and high-quality
  19. To contribute to commissioning strategies for placements and services for children in care and short breaks for children with disabilities. This includes identifying improvements across provider services, children in care and children in need so that issues can be addressed, and improvements can be
  20. To provide proactive advice, guidance and support regarding all matters regarding placements and resources to all relevant staff and This includes advising on processes and procedures, including approval processes and the role of Resource Panel, following up queries, and challenging staff when process is not followed, or issues arise. This task also involves delivering briefing sessions to teams and groups of providers, as well as producing literature, guidance and information about the role and processes of the team.

PAYRATE: £27.15 umbrella