project manager

Job Details

Barnsley Council are looking for an Project Manager to assist in the management of programmes and lead on project management in relation to care, welfare
or wellbeing of people, ensuring successful gathering and delivery of all requirements. This will include
direct contact with service users.


Lead on project management, co-ordinating resources to ensure projects are delivered on time and
within budget.
• Ensure that projects are effectively planned and managed within a formal programme and project
management framework.
• Provide professional advice and guidance in relation to projects, ensuring that key milestones and
information are communicated to internal and external stakeholders.
• Regularly work with disabled and vulnerable adults, children and their families and occasionally work
with terminally ill adults, children and their families.
• Be responsible for monitoring risks and dealing with issues to ensure projects are delivered.
• Undertake performance management and complex data analysis and interpretation, promoting quality
practice and service delivery, ensuring continuous improvement.
• Identify, evaluate and implement processes, technology and systems to enhance project and service
• Prepare and deliver reports and presentations.
• Be responsible for work allocation to a small team, including project teams not line managed by the
job holder.
• Be responsible for monitoring large project budgets.
• Contribute to the development of service strategies, polices and plans.
• Proactively liaise, negotiate, influence and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
including managers, employee


Significant experience of project management to ensure the successful delivery of
• Experience of working on large complex change projects within a large organisation. A/I E
• Experience of acting as an advisor to managers at all levels of seniority, external
agencies and other forums.
• Experience of continuous service improvement with strong enthusiasm for improving
service delivery.
• Experience of promoting positive team working. A/I E
• Experience of policy and procedure formulation and implementation. A/I E
• Experience of budget management


Payrate:£25.00 negotiable