RQ1297211(SJ) – Service Facilitator

Job Details

Key responsibilities

1. To efficiently and effectively offer Management and Leadership support to a Team
of dynamic Housing Repairs Co-Ordinators.
2. Provide full administrative duties and maintain accurate performance,
contract management and budgetary monitoring systems as directed.
3. To assist in and maintain records relating to the monitoring of performance across
the service and produce collated and analysed reports accordingly.
4. Act as a point of contact for a wide demographic including clients,
stakeholders, colleagues, residents and partners.
5. To set-up and maintain a comprehensive and accessible library of information for
all areas of the service delivery and additional projects.
6. To ensure that escalated events or incidence are brought to the Head of
Repairs attention in an efficient and solution-driven manner.
7. Responsible for collating and presenting performance data, and compiling presenting
the analysed findings.
8. Responsible for overseeing and compiling all findings for the Customer feedback survey.
9. Maintain proper records and provide information in respect of quality and service related
issues. Deal with administering correspondence, and collate details for responses to
members, ombudsman and other enquiries, including telephone management.
10.Provide administrative support to meetings including Minute taking and circulation
as required.

Umbrella hourly rate – £24.95