RQ1298464(SJ) – Antisocial Behaviour Officer

Job Details

Job Purpose:

The Anti Social Behaviour Officer will be responsible for:

• Supporting Cardiff Council in tackling anti social behaviour across the city for council tenants and leaseholders.

• Providing effective anti social behaviour case management ensuring that all appropriate actions are taken in tackling anti social behaviour including the use of non legal remedies such as restorative justice.

• Supporting multi-agency problem-solving to improve community safety, and working with Police and other agencies as necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To work in partnership with Council service areas, police and other key partners to gather and analyse evidence of anti social behaviour and to develop appropriate responses.

2. To meet, as necessary, with victims, witnesses of anti social behaviour to offer advice, support, gather evidence, and take statements and to keep them informed of progress in their respective cases.

3. To take effective and prompt action against perpetrators of ASB ensuring urgent cases are dealt with appropriately in order to ensure effective use of ASB injunctions.

4. To take ownership of cases and ensure that all necessary actions are taken to resolve anti-social behaviour issues, including the use of restorative justice methods.

5. To be flexible with working hours, visiting problem locations to obtain direct evidence relating to ASB incident as they occur.

6. To undertake joint working with Police, Youth Offending Services and other agencies as required ensuring effective remedies are used when ASB occurs and look to develop a more proactive approach in dealing with ASB.

7. To work closely with the Council’s legal team in preparing case files and attending court to give evidence when necessary, including as a professional witness.

8. To act as lead officer at Court and evictions.

9. To look at causes of anti social behaviour and to work with other sections to ensure all options are considered such as designing out crime or regeneration of areas in order to have a positive impact on reducing anti social behaviour.

10. To be aware of and make use of all Council and relevant partnership policies, practices, procedures and protocols in relation to tackling anti social behaviour.

11. To be aware of and make use of all relevant legislation and powers in relation to tackling anti social behaviour including taking a proactive approach to the prevention of anti social behaviour.

12. To support multi agency problem-solving processes and contribute to action plans for tackling cases of anti social behaviour.

13. To regularly review, under guidance of the Anti Social Behaviour Manager, all ongoing cases of anti social behaviour and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

14. To maintain records of all case work and ensure that the Council’s anti social behaviour management tools are properly maintained including the document management system.

15. To deal with complaints, disputes and councillor enquiries, as required seeking to resolve these at the earliest opportunity and within the specified time limits.

Umbrella hourly rate – £19.30