RQ1304337 (SJ) – Product Manager

Job Details

The Product Manager is responsible for understanding the wants and needs of the customer and the Met Office in respect of their products to ensure the delivery of the right thing at the right time. The Product Manager defines the what and the why and works with the team to deliver value at the right time.

The Product Manager will:

Maintain regular communication and feedback loops with the customer & stakeholders to have an in-depth knowledge of their wants, needs, pain points and problems to be solved through observation and communication and analysis?

Is the Voice of the customer

Working with the customer and the scrum team to understand, validate, define and prioritise requirements

Presents committed requirements to the agile scrum team

Clearly represent requirements as user stories and works with the scrum team to turn into refined deliverables with agreed acceptance criteria

Work with the scrum team to maximise the value of delivery increments

Working with the SPM and scrum team to develop, maintain and deliver upon a roadmap of validated requirements that represent value to customers, stakeholders & the Met Office

Responsible for managing and prioritising the Product backlog, maximising the value delivered in a development – taking into account the balance between delivering business benefits and responding to end user needs

?Acts as a key member of the agile delivery team to adapt, challenge, reflect and improve ways of working and ensure the timely and regular delivery of valuable increments aligned with the Product roadmap

Gains a high level knowledge of the product(s) and the marketplace it sits in

Understands how the product is performing in relation to customer expectations using feedback, analytics and performance measures

And will require the following essential skills:

Experience as a Product Manager

Solid understanding of Agile methodologies and an ability to quickly develop knowledge of how the development process works in the Met Office

Demonstrable experience of delivering successfully to deadlines, being prepared to make decisions and knowing when to take calculated risks or escalate issues

Practical experience of researching and analysing information, using this to create plans and deliver practically against them

Ability to work independently and as part of a high performing team to deliver objectives effectively

Ability to quickly develop an understanding of Met Office products and their importance to customers

Excellent communication skills (spoken, written, and listening) with an ability to work with multiple stakeholders, tailoring your message to different parts of the organisation such as Business, Operations, Technology and Science

Essential Criteria