RQ1304786(SJ) – Gardener

Job Details

Main Purpose of Post/Job Summary
The post holder will be required to work in all weather conditions and as a team member contributing to the maintenance of the full range of the Council’s parks, gardens and open spaces as appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Undertake work in public parks, playing fields, landscaped areas and similar open spaces, i.e. general maintenance of these areas eg grass cutting, hedge trimming, sweeping, hoeing, raking, edging, removal of litter and rubbish, constructional labouring work, erection and dismantling of sports and other equipment, cleaning eg Council buildings such as changing rooms and toilets
2. Patrol and attendance activities, collection and issuing of fees and tickets and maintenance of orderly conduct by the public to ensure Council bylaws are complied with.
3. Horticultural operations eg planting, pruning, seeding and turfing and grounds maintenance eg basic setting out and marking of sports areas, spiking, scarifying, top dressing and fertilising and maintenance of Council’s tennis courts.
4. Assistance to higher graded gardeners in more skilled tasks, which includes planning seasonal works, assistance with propagation and nursery care of plants, site preparation and construction.
5. Carry out driving duties as instructed by the Line Manager. Driving duties to include: driving and responsibility for allocated vehicles i.e. vehicle checks (eg oil and water checks), required routine maintenance and cleaning, transportation of goods, equipment and personnel, assisting in the loading and unloading of vehicles using mechanical aids where appropriate, completing of associated paperwork and familiarity in the use of telecommunications equipment in accordance with Road traffic legislation.

Umbrella hourly rate – £15.85