RQ1306823 – Driver (HGV) DM

Job Details

Plymouth Council are looking for someone to deliver a quality service, ensuring safe, efficient and effective waste collection and transportation operations contributing to a greener, cleaner city. Operating a range of vehicles up to HGV Class 1 and 2 waste vehicles, up to 3.5 tonnes.
Maintaining compliant drivers Certificate of Professional Competence and digital
Tachograph card. Responsible for the Operator (O) licence requirements
including relevant driving regulations and working time rules. Responsibility for
collection crew health, safety and welfare where appropriate, productivity and
quality of work. Responsibility for customer service and upholding the
reputation of Plymouth City Council through the delivery of a frontline critical

Some roles include:

  • Driving for efficiency to various
    sites across the city collecting
    waste streams and ensuring correct
    disposal in line with environmental
    legislation and to ensure Plymouth
    is making best use of its waste and
  • Ensuring health, safety and welfare
    of staff and the public during
    driving, collection and tipping
  • Undertaking legally required vehicle
    checks and safe operation of
    specialist equipment and vehicles
  • Adhering to PCC controlled site
    and other controlled site safe