Senior Democratic Services Officer

Job Details


To support the Principal Democratic Services Officers in all aspects of Committee and Democratic Services functions. Further support will be given to Committees through the production of a detailed annual programme of work and to provide support for reviews into service delivery, policy development and scrutiny. The post holder will provide an effective and efficient administrative support service for all Council and Committee meetings, decision making processes and independent appeals process. Furthermore it will support the department in the modernisation and improvement of the council’s democratic processes – ensuring that decision-making and the democratic process is robust and effective through timely agenda publication, report and minute production and use of committee management systems.


• Compile, draft and publish agendas.
• Support democratic and scrutiny projects to ensure the continuous improvement of service, drafting and presenting reports to members and briefings and formal meetings as and when required.
• Attendance at meetings, associated minute taking to produce an accurate record of the decisions made at the meeting.
• Communicate/publish decisions made by Committees and ensure that all monitoring and necessary follow up actions are completed.
• Directed by the Principal Democratic Services Officer, manage develop and maintain Committee work programmes and to arrange Committee Meetings, Chair’s and Group Representatives briefings when required.
• Interpreting the Constitution and legislation (supporting the implementation of any constitutional changes/developments), acting as an advisor to elected Members, senior managers, officers, external organisations and members of the public on Council policy, procedures, legislation, governance, decision-making and the Code of Conduct.
• Provide clerking to the statutory independent panel process for consideration of admission and exclusion appeals, ensuring that all appeals are conducted in a timely manner and in accordance with relevant legislation and national Codes.
• Demonstrate a commitment to personal development and keep abreast of changes in legislation, national and local guidance and regulations and best practice that impact on democratic services and assist with the development and promotion of local democracy and community leadership.
• Assist with the promotion of consultations with stakeholders, strengthening the Council’s relationships with public, private and voluntary organisations and residents within the Borough.
• Support the Electoral Services Team by providing advice, support and project management assistance in relation to elections, referenda and electoral registration.
• To undertake any other similar or reasonable duties commensurate with the level of the post as required by the Head of Democratic and Member Services.

Pay rate: £23.72 per hour umbrella

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent