Senior Finance Manager

Job Details

Cheshire west and chester council are looking for an Senior Finance Manager To lead a team with responsibility for providing support for financial management and decision making to a department(s) of the Council, through the delivery of a wide range of financial services, including the provision of specialist and strategic advice and information to service managers and elected Members, in a way which ensures proper accountability and compliance with statutory obligations and corporate and professional standards.


  1. To act as a member of Directorate and Senior Management Teams as required, and ensure all decisions within departments are made with a full awareness of the financial consequences.
  2. To undertake the lead financial management role within the Directorate in such a way as to ensure that the Directorates’ objectives for service delivery are met in accordance with the financial procedures set out for the organisation.
  3. To provide specific financial advice and support to all budget holders and managers within a Directorate on a risk based approach, to ensure the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the Directorate and the effective implementation of the Council’s Finance and Contract Procedure Rules and other agreed policies.
  4. To provide financial advice to senior managers on all external partnerships and service initiatives and projects, business efficiency reviews and new ways of working initiatives.
  5. Support Directorates with the development of budget proposals and lead the financial evaluation, scrutiny and challenge of options by thorough examination of all financial and related implications to ensure proposals are deliverable and represent value for money.
  6. Engage with professional networks and undertake benchmarking to share knowledge and areas of best practice to support Directorates in ensuring effective service provision.
  7. Harness links with external organisations and partners such as NHS, schools and other Local Authorities, to promote collaborative working across traditional boundaries to tackle shared issues.
  8. To fulfil the full stewardship role in relation to the accounts of the department. This will include managing the provision of regular, cyclical and ad hoc budgetary control information to the Directorate Management team, the Section 151 officer, the Director of Finance and Members to ensure that informed decisions on policy development, service planning and operational delivery are made, and to ensure the preparation of revenue and capital budgets and the closure of accounts for a Department are completed within the Council’s agreed timetable and in accordance with appropriate professional standards.
  9. Support services to ensure that robust systems are in place to manage the “core” financial processing activities for the department, which are conducted in a manner that ensures service needs are met, all transactions are completed effectively and economically, and adhere to the best practice principles set by the Director of Finance and Head of Transactional Services.
  10. To assist Directors and Heads of Service to develop and embed a culture of financial performance management including Value for Money, within all service areas, in order to meet the requirements of national standards.
  11. To support the development of the Council’s financial information systems and business processes, in order to provide appropriate information to the organisation and to enable budget holders to financially manage their service area in an efficient and effective manner ensuring accountability and control.
  12. To strategically develop the role of the finance function so that its systems, working practices and structures can adapt to both internal and external changes.
  13. As a senior member of the Finance service, to lead, organise, motivate and develop staff within the Finance team in order to maximise their personal development and facilitate the achievement of their individual targets and the ’service business aims and objectives.
  14. To undertake any other duties and responsibilities commensurate with the grade.

£39.08 umbrella