Senior Occupational Therapist

Job Details

Peterborough council are looking for an experienced occupational therapist or a senior occupational therapist for a new exciting role they have this role will include:

  • Provide assessment and provision of Occupational Therapy interventions to children and adults with complex physical and functional difficulties in the community resulting in the need for specialist housing adaptation, simple and complex equipment needs taking into account the needs of the client and their relatives and carers. Emphasis will be placed upon early intervention and prevention to provide suitable equipment and adaptations, promote well being. This will include assessment for major adaptations to properties and an holistic approach to all interventions and establishing links with other members of the team and health care professionals. The post holder will develop specialist skills under the guidance of the senior occupational therapists within the team.

• To perform a specialist community Occupational Therapy role with disabled people of all ages who have complex health, social, psychological / psychosocial and housing needs and who have been referred through an open referral system for holistic assessment.
• To assess the functional needs of people, including those with multi-pathology and variable conditions, physical and mental health conditions, chronic and terminal illness and learning disabilities residing currently in the community.
• To provide a specialist response for complex cases, formulating and implementing intervention plans aimed at reducing the impact of disability and ill health.
• To manage a defined caseload of complex needs as an experienced practitioner, evidencing high-level problem solving and reasoning skills, and independence of judgement

The main responsibility’s are:

  • • To have an in-depth level of knowledge of relevant community care and housing legislation, with a detailed knowledge of the eligibility criteria, relevant procedures and policies relating to social care, health and housing organisations.
    • A working knowledge of the principles of housing construction and design, technical plans and housing adaptations with a sound understanding of the complex interaction between health, housing and social issues and their impact on functional ability.
    • To use communication, reasoning, and negotiation skills to establish a therapeutic relationship in all cases with a diversity of complex needs, managing barriers to communication.
    • To carry out an initial contact assessment, through the OT duty system, with either the client, carer or other healthcare professional to establish eligibility for occupational therapy intervention under Care Act legislation and other relevant procedures and policies relating to social care, health and housing organisations.
    • Develop and maintain a wide range of knowledge of surgical and medical conditions and their functional effects to the client in terms of socio-economic, psychosocial and personal implications and carry out and record comprehensive assessments of people with complex and specialist needs within the home environment.
    • To perform occupational analysis and risk evaluation leading to the formulation of intervention options which reduce the consequences of disability and deteriorating conditions.
    • To identify and select, with the client and their carers, the most appropriate intervention options which balance the complex interaction of risk, safety, client choice, independence, areas of conflict, eligibility for services and cost effectiveness.

Payrate: £40 umbrella per hour