Senior Traffic Engineer

Job Details

Purpose of Job

Accountable to the Principal Traffic Engineer for the effective execution of specific
engineering projects, functions or areas of work, as allocated, in accordance with the
particular contracts / agreements and with all relevant statutory requirements.

Summary of main duties and responsibilities

1. Financial

1.1 Produce financial estimates and statistics for specific projects / areas of work / claims
for payment.

1.2 Monitor progress and expenditure on specific projects/areas of work.

1.3 Operate within the financial limits and budgetary arrangements of the Directorate,
including compliance with all systems set up for the recording of staff time allocation,
expenditure, income and associated financial transactions and procedures.

2. Professional

2.1 Assist in the preparation of Conditions of Contract, Specification, Bills of Quantities
and Schedules of Rates and other tender documents relating to the contract or
agreement with the client.

2.2 Take personal day-to-day responsibility for the effective execution of own work and
that of any junior staff or subcontractors for whom the postholder is responsible, the
achievement of professional standards and the meeting of deadlines.

2.3 Carry out a variety of engineering work as required, e.g. the examination and
interpretation of reports and surveys, design of the less complex engineering schemes,
production of drawings, undertaking and analysis of local consultation, determining the
choice of methods and materials, the vetting of sub-contractors tenders/quotations
and recommendations for acceptance.

2.4 Ensure that in executing contracts/ agreements (or parts thereof) all specifications are
met and that levels of performance, quality targets, budgetary constraints and any
other statutory requirements are achieved.

2.5 Be familiar with legislation relating to own work, aware of trends and developments.

2.6 Assist in drawing up specifications. Supervise contracts in progress involving site
inspections, testing, negotiations for and authorisation of variations in accordance with
agreed guidelines, checking quantity and quality of work done, preparation of
certificates for payment etc.

3. Managerial

3.1 Where appropriate, supervise more junior staff and in their on-the-job training.

4. Communications

4.1 Answer correspondence and queries and deal with complaints as directed and in
accordance with agreed procedures.

4.2 Write and present reports in connection with own work.

4.3 Attend meetings with the general public and deal with questions as requested.

4.4 Provide professional engineering advice as required.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Ensure at all times that work undertaken actively promotes the Council’s Equal
Opportunities, Customer Care and Environmental policies in relation to service
delivery and personnel practice.

5.2 In carrying out the duties of the post have due regard to the provisions of Health and
Safety at Work legislation and to the safety of the general public.

5.3 Enter data to and receive output from any electronic data processing equipment
provided according to agreed procedures.

Pay rate: £45 per hour umbrella (negotiable for the right candidate)

Five to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent