Social Care Assessor

Job Details

  • The purpose of the role is to assess or review the social care needs of adults with less complex needs, where screening does not trigger the need for an assessment by a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist.
  • The Social Care Assessor will also work together with adults and their carers/ family to develop Care and Support Plans, to meet eligible, unmet needs and help them achieve the outcomes that matter to them in their life.
  • To identify situations where adults are at risk and complete appropriate safeguarding referrals.
  • To undertake Care Act 2014 assessments for adults and their carers and make determinations of eligibility, working with an independent advocate if the adult needs their support to be involved.To provide information and advice concerning Council services, Health services, welfare benefits and access to local voluntary services. To complete referrals for services such as Telecare and enablement, and to arrange provision of equipment and minor adaptations.To assess the social care needs of adults in a timely way and determine if it is possible to reduce or delay need by providing a preventative service such as equipment, minor adaptations, Telecare or enablement.
  • To explain personal budgets clearly to adults and carers and promote direct payments. To be aware of the Council’s charging policy and procedures and to inform adults and their carers that they maybe charged for services.
  • To work with adults or carers to develop and agree Care and Support Plans (including in an emergency), to promote well-being by meeting eligible, unmet needs. To ensure these plans use Council resources to best effect and that authorisation is provided where necessary.
  • To complete person-centred reviews of the intended outcomes in the Care and Support Plan and agree if anything needs to change. To identify if the person’s needs have changed and if a reassessment is required.
  • To maintain accurate and timely case records, complete statutory reports and to share information appropriately.
  • payrate: £24.27 umbrella