Team Manager

Job Details

Provide day to day professional support, case advice and guidance to a social care team
across the department on CHC.
• Build effective working relationships with the ICB, health colleagues, care providers and
colleagues to achieve an integrated approach to assessment, planning and review.
• Work to develop a positive and productive relationship with the ICB on CHC and joint
funding issues following processes set out in policies and procedures.
• Work to develop the confidence in practitioners and managers to robustly assess and
evidence / defend decisions.
• Represent the Local Authority on the CHC dispute resolution panels.
• Manage and support though clear evidence and rational any challenges or disputes.
• Ensure an awareness of the responsibility of safeguarding adults at risk and the principles
and policies around this.
• Ensure consideration for promoting, monitoring and safeguarding the welfare of people who
come into contact with the service. Ensure full compliance with the Pan-London protocols
and Barnet safeguarding standards in relation to timescales, alerts, investigations,
protection planning, recording and audits.
• Ensure relevant risks are appropriately identified, recorded and managed in a consistent
and planned fashion in accordance with service practice and standards.
• Ensure the timely and accurate recording of adults and carers and other related data on
appropriate systems, such as the case management system, document management
system, and purchasing/finance system in line with the processes, standards and protocols
of the Council.
• Ensure full compliance with statutory regulations, policies, procedures, best practice and
professional standards within Communities Adults and Health, and those of relevant
partner agencies such as Health.
• Support the Head of Service in monitoring and evaluating the performance of the team
against targets and professional standards.
• Support the Head of Service with financial monitoring and intelligence gathering in their
particular area of service.

Work to develop the confidence in practitioners and managers to robustly assess and
evidence / defend decisions in relation to Continuing Health Care (CHC).
• Manage the relationship with the ICB on CHC and joint funding issues.
• Represent the Local Authority on CHC dispute panels
• Deal with any escalated issues of non-compliance with the agreed CHC policy and
• Provide professional advice and guidance for teams across the department on CHC
including individual case support.
• Identify and support training needs of staff with the department around CHC
• Ensure compliance with the service’s standards and processes and operate within the
context of the service priorities and principles of increasing user choice and control over the
services they receive. These priorities focus on meeting the four social care outcomes:
• Enhancing the quality of life for people with care and support needs
• Delaying and reducing the need for care and support
• Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care and support
• Safeguarding adults whose circumstances make them vulnerable and protecting them from
avoidable harm.
• Provide excellent leadership, direction and effective management of the team’s resources,
ensuring professional standards and Best Practice Act as key drivers within a culture of
continuous service improvement, value for money and safer practice.
• Work closely and collaboratively with the Council’s New Support and Customer Services
Organisation, Health and other partner agencies to deliver an integrated, service that meets
both current and future needs.
• Embrace the programme of change necessary to embed and build on the Council’s new
models of care and closer integration with other Council services and Health.

payrate: £43.00