Job Details

Lead and manage a team to deliver high quality, effective and consistent social work
practice, ensuring that the greatest care and diligence is maintained to achieve the best
possible outcomes for children, young people and their families

Ensure that all contacts/referrals are signposted to or allocated to appropriate staff
quickly and efficiently, enabling a professional decision to be made by the relevant
workers in line with agreed standards.
2. Ensure workloads are managed within the agreed guidelines for casework.
3. Work collaboratively with partners and other professionals to drive the quality of the
service provided to children, young people and their families.
4. Oversee and scrutinise practice, evidenced through case audit, supervision and
5. Undertake effective, reflective supervision, holding practitioners to account where
poor performance is identified and providing appropriate support and guidance.
6. Guide and support the professional development of team members, recognising and
nurturing talent so that employees reach their full potential.
7. Facilitate mentoring and coaching for newly appointed Team Managers and aspiring
Team Managers.
8. Oversee social work interventions where the voice of the child is heard, fully
considered and acted upon.
9. Maximise financial capacity and support others in managing and sustaining value for
money, challenging the team to identify, analyse and share best financial

Create an environment where clear communication and engagement supports a
culture of openness and transparency: where employees feel empowered, valued
and listened to.
11.Contribute to and champion the development of children’s services, locally and
12.Support Service Managers in taking the lead on specific service related projects.