YOS Officer

Job Details

Main purpose of the Job:

The purpose of the role is to manage a case load of youth justice cases, working innovatively with young people from diverse backgrounds and engaging them and their families and other professionals in order to assess, develop and deliver intervention and activities that support their personal and social skills and participation in society.

YOS Officers will be directly contributing to youth offending service outcomes by creatively engaging young people who are subject to youth justice orders and also who are at risk of anti-social behaviour, crime, becoming NEET and substance misuse.


To create, in conjunction with young people and families, bespoke intervention plans to address all areas of need and to regularly review the plans to ensure their suitability and effectiveness.

To work within a multi-disciplinary team, to be responsible for all aspects of case management of youth justice cases, including dealing with non-compliance issues swiftly and effectively in line with local and national standards and inspection frameworks

To prepare for and attend professional meetings such as strategy meetings and child protection conferences, presenting information in a clear and concise manner. To write reports to a high standard and within tight timeframes for Youth Magistrates and Crown Courts and to confidently present these reports to the Court in person as required.

To undertake regular Court duty, providing advice and support to young people, their families and the judiciary. Undertaking assessments at Court will also be part of the role when working in court.

To effectively engage with young people from diverse backgrounds at all stages of case management including during assessment, review and delivery of interventions/programmes.

To gather information, analyse and assess in order to manage risk, re-offending and safety/wellbeing accurately using appropriate screening and assessment tools; taking necessary measures to ensure welfare needs are dealt with effectively and public protection considerations are appropriately managed.

This role consists of 35 hours a week and has an hourly pay rate of £29.76 Umbrella