At Carrington Blake Recruitment, our team of experienced professionals collaborates with a diverse array of high-level clients throughout the industry.

We have over 20 years experience as a Labour agency, ranging from unskilled to skilled. Proven track record of delivering high quality projects with quality tradespeople.

We take immense pride in leveraging our wealth of knowledge and expertise to meticulously search for candidates who fit our clients’ specific needs and requirements.


Our main objective is to facilitate a harmonious partnership between clients and candidates, enabling them to realise their full potential. To achieve this, we prioritise effective communication between all parties involved, fostering an open and transparent dialogue that encourages both parties to work together productively and efficiently.



Temporary and Permanent

  • Labour & Trades
  • Management
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Lifting
  • Admin and Support
  • Technical
  • Engineering
  • Fit- Out

Our recruitment services cater to a wide spectrum of construction companies, varying in size from small to medium to large. We have the capability to fill vacancies for all positions in every construction discipline, ranging from temporary trade and labour roles to professional and technical positions.