Assistant Team Manager – Childcare Assessment Team

Job Details

Pembrokeshire county council are resourcing a role for an assistant team manager to assist in the management of the effective provision of customer focused services in line with current legislation, the corporate Business Plan, and service requirements.

  1. To ensure that care plans for Looked after Children, Children on the Child Protection Register and Children In Need are robustly managed.
  2. To work to the agreed priorities, eligibility criteria and action agendas of the Authority.
  3. All relevant Performance Indicators at least met and ideally exceeded.
  4. To have up to date data concerning current and projected needs of current and future customers of the service.
  5. The direct provision of only those services agreed as being core business.
  6. Customer feedback to show that they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.
  7. To work with team members to ensure that workloads reflect their individual skills and levels of competence.
  8. Employee feedback to show that they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.
  9. Customers of the service empowered to take control of their lives.
  10. Services provided within the human and financial resources available.
  11. Management decisions within the service made at the most appropriate point in the organisation which will normally be with the service manager.
  12. To ensure that all legitimate customers of the Authority receive a seamless response to need.

Payrate: £47.01 umbrella