Job Details

Purpose of the job

The post holder will support the provision of professional and operational support to clients on internal audit matters on behalf of the Council.  The post holder will report to the Principal Auditor on day-to-day matters and the Chief Internal Auditor as required.

Internal Audit Activity

Support the Chief Internal Auditor in the challenge of decisions made by the Council operational managers regarding the implications for systems of governance, risk management and internal control.

Undertake the key operations of the team to ensure effective delivery of the Operational Audit Plan with significant support from management such as conducting operational/routine audit reviews, carrying out low risk/routine investigations, and following up recommendations.

Use the internal audit software systems as directed by the Principal Auditor to store audit working papers and utilise computer aided audit techniques such as data analytics, with significant support from supervisors, as appropriate.

Utilise the teams planning and monitoring systems to minimise delays in the audit process and to ensure that the Principal Auditor is regularly updated on the progress of work.

Produce appropriate written reports and briefing notes, supported by sufficient, relevant, and reliable information, requiring some amendment/ redrafting by managers.

Conduct regular monitoring of the implementation of audit recommendations for the Council’s services adhering to the agreed process, raising any concerns promptly with the Principal Auditor.

This role consists of 36 hours a week and has an hourly pay rate of £18.56 Umbrella.