Building Control Surveyor

Job Details

Brentwood borough council are looking for an Building Control Surveyor To undertake; under the general direction of the Building Control Manager, any work or duty related to any or all the functions, duties, and responsibilities of the Service and upon others which may from time-to-time be added.


2. To technically evaluate deposited Full Plan Building Regulation applications for complCiance with the Building Regulations and all allied legislation, and reject, approve or approve conditionally.
3. To technically evaluate Building notices and Regularisation Certificates for compliance with the legislation and request any additional information deemed necessary.
4. To technically evaluate Approved Inspection Notices/Ceenforcemnrtificates for compliance with the legislation and approve, approve conditionally, or reject.
5. To record fees as required by the Building (prescribed Fees) Regulations.
6.To carry out such visits and inspections as may be necessary where building operations are proposed, are in progress, or have been completed, to ensure compliance with the legislation, codes of practice or guidelines from time to time in force and in accordance with the general policies of the Service.
7. To attend dangerous structures to give advice, make decisions and to take any actions necessary; including the instruction of emergency contractors and liaising with other emergency services as required.
8. To deal with enquiries from members of the public, the Council, firms, institutions, or bodies and to give such proper advice, help or information as is considered appropriate.
9. To keep abreast of changing legislation, techniques, new materials etc by reading all necessary papers, journals, British Standards etc and attend training seminars as deemed necessary.
10. To consult and liaise with any external or internal person or bodies on matters relating to the work of the Service.
11. To serve notices and specifications as required by the Highways Advance Payment code.
12. To carry out enforcement action as and when such is deemed to be necessary.
13. To keep such statistical and written records of work carried out, complaints investigated etc as is required and to provide such information at such times and in such a manner and format as is required.”
14. To receive and reply properly to correspondence relating to working matters.
15. To carry out such tasks, checks and examinations including the taking of samples or photographs as are necessary to ensure proper compliance with the legislation, or as to carry out the proper functions of the post holder.
16. To prepare evidence, statements and any such other requirements for court hearings, public enquiries or similar and to take part in such activities as required.
17. To prepare and present such reports, written or oral, relating to the work of the Service as may be required.


£60.00 umbrella