Career Grade Planner

Job Details

Duties and Responsibilities

1. To be qualified or to be working towards a relevant qualification in one or more of the core
areas of work within the service.
2. Possess the necessary knowledge and experience to undertake the duties assigned to the
3. To keep abreast of the relevant legislation, policy, decision making frameworks, and other
professional parameters relating to the assigned role within the Service.
4. Develop an awareness and understanding of other specialist disciplines within the Service
where necessary to undertake the role.
5. To produce high quality reports and written advice.
6. To engage actively with all members of the local community, voluntary sector, business and
specialist groups using appropriate techniques.
7. To represent the Service at meetings with external stakeholders and partners.
8. To represent the Service at meetings with the public on matters relevant to the Service.
9. To liaise with other teams or services within the council to ensure that the Service’s interests
are protected and promoted.
10.To deal with complex and difficult telephone enquiries on matters with political or public
relations implications, and to comply with the Council’s Telephone Code of Practice.
11.To deal with correspondence, enquiries and complaints efficiently and effectively, within
response times specified by the Council and the Director.
12.To achieve agreed service outcomes and outputs, and personal appraisal targets, as approved
by the Team Manager.
13.To be committed to the Council’s core values of public service, quality, equality and
empowerment and to demonstrate this commitment in the way they carry out their duties.
14.Ensure all the services within the area(s) of responsibility are provided in accordance with the
Council’s commitment to high quality service provision to users.
15.At all times carrying out responsibilities/duties in accordance with the relevant legislation,
Codes of Practice and Council Policies and Procedures.
16.Work within changing deadlines.
17.Carry out occasional duties outside normal office hours as required.
18.Participate in the development of the Team as required.
19.To undertake other duties commensurate to the grade of the post.

Pay rate: £29.62 per hour

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent