Clerk of Works

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About the job 

Responsible for monitoring of the Council’s contractors engaged on construction projects. Responsible for maintaining accurate records of on-site activities and working as part of an integrated commercial design and project management team.


  1. Responsible for the inspection of construction works and monitoring of contractors to ensure that the standard of all work undertaken complies with relevant legislation, contract specifications, performance standards, codes of practice and safety standards.
  2. Assist in the development of design-stage risk assessments and pre-construction Health & Safety plans for construction works schemes.
  3. Responsible for promoting and adhering to on-site health and safety policies.
  4. Assist with site topographical and dimensional surveys for construction works schemes, including surveys of prospective sites and setting out of works.
  5. Liaise with Statutory Undertakers (utilities, telecoms etc) in relation to existing apparatus and potential alterations to their apparatus as a consequence of any proposed construction works schemes.
  6. Develop skills and knowledge promoting creativity and using national standards and codes of practice to provide innovative and economical construction solutions to problems encountered on site or improvements and promote compliance with quality and performance management system requirements.
  7. Assist Quantity Surveyor with the preparation of contracts and procurement of works in accordance with Council procedures.
  8. Responsible for contract administration aspects of high value construction works schemes, including checking of setting out; checking, recording and measuring the quality of workmanship and materials used; maintaining a daily site diary to measure and record the works completed; assist in the valuation of the works completed, checking interim contractor valuations and final accounts for payments due to contractors.
  9. Responsible for arranging laboratory testing of materials when necessary.
  10. Supporting technical and administrative staff in the project management of construction projects, reporting processes, and achieving set deadlines.

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