Clerk of Works

Job Details

Reporting to Capital Works Quality Manager, you will be responsible for providing a Clerk of Works service in connection with Islington Council’s programme of capital and cyclical works. The works will be undertaken by a contractor appointed under a bespoke NHF contract.

The scale and range of work being undertaken will vary according to the available financial resources. The work will be delivered based on a rolling 10-year cyclical programme and will include external decoration and repair, to main fabric of the buildings, window, and roof renewals; security works, environmental works, decorations to internal communal areas, replacement of kitchens and bathrooms including domestic mechanical and electrical works.

The Clerk of Works shall be committed to supporting Islington Council’s objectives and mission statement, business plans and service delivery plans and be an effective ambassador for Islington Council when dealing with residents, contractors, and external agencies.

  1. Provide a Clerk of Works service across the full range of work undertaken by Islington Council and occasionally deputise for the Capital Works Quality Manager.
  2. Agree joint quality control procedures with the constructor/contractor in accordance with Islington’s requirements and audit such procedures and records to ensure that quality control inspections are effective and efficient.
  3. Maintain a critical but constructive relationship with the contractor’s supervisory staff.
  4. Examine specifications and drawings and ensure that any aspects which are not satisfactory are rectified
  5. Carry out site visits at least weekly, to all sites to
  • ensure that materials, construction standards and site practices meet Islington Council’s requirements
  • prepare a Health and Safety report
  1. Record the outcome of these visits and report to the Project Manager
  2. Inspect finished work, prepare schedules of, and supervise, remedial works and provide certification of standards of work. Schedule snagging items and defects at practical completion and at the end of the defects liability period.
  3. Prepare specifications and issue direct orders to the contractor for various minor works and defects, subject to approval of financial implications by the Project Manager
  4. Check invoices against prepared schedules under the general direction of the Project Manager.
  5. Liaise with visiting inspectors (e.g. Building Control Officer, Drainage Inspector, etc).
  6. Commission and supervise tests on materials, executed work and equipment.
  7. Gather resident feedback, in accordance with Islington Council’s procedures, on quality of work, quality of service and any outstanding issues at the time of survey/practical completion/making good of defects.
  8. Carry out duties to meet Health and Safety regulations, including CDM regulations on site and to monitor and instruct contractors/constructors on Health and Safety and Employment Practices]
  9. Provide directly, or through the Project Manager/Client Representative, technical advice, and supervision where a Building Control Officer is not directly involved on site.
  10. Provide appropriate level of supervision o trades including standards of workmanship, taking account of new products, technical requirements and changing contracting and sub-contracting practices.
  11. Assist and contribute to the implementation of a practice account. Monitor fees, take corrective measures as necessary and ensure that work is completed within time and fee allocations.
  12. Index and file all drawings and correspondence.
  13. payrate£34.98 UMBRELLA