Complaints Officer

Job Details

Hackney council are looking for someone to be responsible for a caseload of investigations of complaints at stage 2 of the Council’s Complaints Process made against the Housing Service which includes communication with complaints, information gathering from services, challenging performance, use of investigation skills and report writing. The post holder will also be responsible for cases that escalate to the Housing Ombudsman and ensuring timely responses and provision of information requested.


  • Provide advice to managers across the organisation on a wide range of performance issues including target setting, data collection, benchmarking, inspection preparation, value for money assessment and quality assurance. Ensure that information collected is relevant and utilised.
  • Identify areas where services may need more intensive support, based on an assessment of risk, and broker support from across the Business Analysis team, and other teams across the service.
  • Critically analyse data collected from a wide range of sources (financial, performance, customer feedback) to provide managers with insight into performance issues, and to identify action to address. To do this Performance Officers will need to develop an understanding of a wide range of service areas across the organisation and be responsive to service needs, developing strong working relationships with managers across the organisation.
  • Support services in fulfilment of the performance management framework and provide assurance that adequate performance management systems are in place to fulfil corporate and statutory performance management standards.
  • Project manage necessary reporting processes to ensure that the organisation complies with reporting requirements set by Government, regulators and auditors. This will typically involve making sure that services have the right processes in place to respond to requirements, and carrying out appropriate and proportionate quality assurance.
  • Understand and keep abreast of changing national agendas and legislation to ensure that the organisation fulfils requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Based on an assessment of risk, provide assurance on the data collection and quality systems that services have in place to senior managers. Where issues and risks of poor data quality are identified, work with services to improve systems and processes.Work closely with the Policy and Partnerships, and Programme and Projects Delivery teams to provide analysis and context to inform their work programmes, and to ensure that data and insight is joined up to maintain a single evidence base for the organisation.
    • Work as part of project teams on policy development, improvement projects and service reviews to provide expert analysis and insight on performance, risk and value for money.
    • Work with the Policy team to ensure that performance and risk analysis, customer feedback and other intelligence is integrated with the other evidence and analysis the organisation holds.Champion data sharing with partner organisations and across the organisation to develop a joined-up approach to managing and improving services.
    • Carrying out analysis of different sources of data, across one service or a number of services and partner organisations, to provide an evidence base and intelligence to inform solutions to performance issues.
    • Carrying out research into the performance systems used by services. This may involve interviewing managers and staff, looking at data collection and use, and making recommendations on opportunities for improvement.
    • Undertake investigation of corporate and ombudsman complaints, and manage responses to Members Enquiries and ensure that the reasons for complaints occurring are used to drive improvements.
      • Identify where demand for services is created by service failures and inefficiencies
      • Through setting within a context of wider performance and improvement data, provide directorates and managers with analysis of complaints to inform and shape service reviews and improvement.
      • Ensure that common trends and issues identified from complaints are highlighted to Business Analysis colleagues for further investigation.
      • Develop effective relationships with partners to share intelligence and identify joint- action needed to address complaints
    • Payrate: £31.32 umbrella