Compliance Officer

Job Details

Enfield council are looking for compliance officer to be responsible for ensuring all properties within the Housing Gateway Ltd. (HGL) and Enfield Let (EL) portfolios (the portfolios) have all statutory certificates and licences.


  1. Proactively maintain a spreadsheet database (or future asset management software which may be adopted) listing the testing and inspection requirements for each property owned or leased by HGL/EL and the expiry dates of the test certificates
  2. Produce and proactively update a rolling 12month work plan detailing the testing and inspections to be commissioned within the next 12month period
  3. Instruct contractors or HGL/EL staff to carry out the testing and/or inspections according to the work plan
  4. Liaise with tenants, HGL/EL staff, long leaseholders, freeholders and contractors to arrange the access required for testing/inspections to be carried out within the required time periods
  5. Monitor contractors and HGL/EL staff to ensure the required testing/inspections have been carried out and ensure that certificates and reports are stored in the relevant files and systems
  6. Refer any technical issues highlighted in testing or inspection reports to HGL management and the relevant technical officer
  7. Arrange for injunctions to be obtained and coordinate forced entries where tenants consistently refuse to provide access without good reason
  8. Provide performance data as required by HGL Management and the HGL board, entering performance data into Pentana or any other performance management software HGL may adopt.
  9. Support HGL/EL management to produce reports for the HGL board or Enfield Council in its capacity as shareholder.
  10. Support HGL management to procure any contracts relevant to the CMO’s work areas.
  11. Undertake any other administrative activities as required by HGL/EL

Payrate: £21.71 umbrella