Council Tax Adviser

Job Details

London borough of Haringey are looing for an Council Tax Adviser To deal with all aspects relating to the accurate and prompt processing of work associated with Council Tax, Business Rates and BID Levy from initial billing through to recovery and enforcement.


1. Determine the correct liable party for Council Tax, Business Rates and BID levy in order for all required notices to be issued as soon as practicable. This is to be achieved in line with relevant legislation, case law & local procedures.

2. Ensure eligibility to any potential reliefs, discounts or, exemptions are identified and awarded within a timely manner whilst ensuring proper consideration is given to any application in line with legislation, case law & local procedures.

3. Provide high-quality professional advice, guidance and support in respect of Council Tax, Business Rates or BID levy to customers and external partners. This would include but not limited to, taxpayers, ratepayers, rating advisors, landlord, estate agents, solicitors, customer services (front facing and telephone contact centre staff), benefits service, housing service, EA companies and the Valuation Office Agency.

4. Assist in the review of discounts, reliefs or exemptions to maximise revenue due to the council and identify and reduce incidences of fraud.

5. Attend magistrates court liability order and other committal hearings in support of the Court Officer/Team Manager, assisting with the gathering of evidence prior to the hearing and interviewing customer who attend the hearing.

6. Make decisions upon and implement the appropriate form of recovery action in respect of customers who do not pay as demanded. These decisions are to be made in accordance with relevant primary/secondary legislation, local procedures and policies.

7. Accurately calculate and create refunds where overpayments have been made.

8. Identify and prepare reports for cases considered suitable for write off.

9. Keep up to date with relevant and appropriate legislation and the use of any software systems employed to discharge this work.

Payrate: £24.83 umbrella

attend the Haringey offices once a week for the duration of their placement