CSW Team Manager

Job Details

To provide exemplary leadership, management, and professional guidance to a team of
social workers, and where required other practitioners, both directly and within their team.
To ensure the delivery of a high quality, comprehensive, integrated, systemically-informed
social work service within Southwark’s Practice Framework. To promote and govern
excellent social work practice, including assessing need, planning and working
purposefully with families, support networks and other professionals to safeguard children
and young people, and promote positive outcomes. To ensure the delivery of a social
work service which is both relationship-based and responsive to the needs of children,
young people and their families in a timely manner and within statutory guidelines. To
promote, lead and manage the development of excellent and confident practitioners.

Through leadership and management, promote and govern excellent practice to
deliver high quality outcomes for children, young people and families in safeguarding
and care/pathway planning, ensuring accountability for high professional standards
which comply with procedures, agreed timescales and targets. Ensuring the safety of
children and young people remains the highest priority.
2. Responsible for management of the team, overseeing workload and performance

. Provide high support and high challenge to motivate staff to carry out their roles to the
best of their ability and to the standards required of them.
4. Maintain own continuous professional development and that of the team through
appropriate training, learning and research opportunities and in conjunction with the
Service Manager.
5. Promote excellence in practice using research and practice evidence, tested to meet
local need, setting an expectation that Southwark’s Practice Framework will be
applied and developed by practitioners.
6. Support and assess Newly Qualified Social Workers through their Assessed &
Supported Year in Employment (ASYE), others participating in work based routes
into social work, and Social Workers preparing for the National Assessment and
Accreditation System
(NAAS), taking the role of practice educator.

payrate: £44.50 umbrella