Customer Services Advisor

Job Details

Key responsibilities

1. To ensure complaints are dealt with and responded to within time frames and monthly
targets are met.
2. To ensure that all duties are being carried out satisfactorily and to the required professional
standard and the processing of payments and invoices as required.
3. To ensure that proper systems are in operation to monitor complaints and enquiries
concerning service delivery and to liaise with other parts of Property Services in the
investigation of complaints from the public or local ward Councillors.
4. To attend and minute meetings, including public meetings, as directed by the CSM.
5. To maintain effective internal communication systems to ensure the speedy generation and
receipt of information.
6. Assist the CSM in ensuring that internal and external meetings are serviced and surgeries are
held to enable customers to engage with the service.
7. Assist in the planning and implementation of customer consultation exercises in conjunction
with partners to ensure that customer needs are identified and learning is implemented by
service providers.
8. To filter correspondence (including e-mail), documentation and other literature to establish
the appropriate recipient and thereby reduce the quantity of paperwork requiring the attention
of senior housing staff.
9. To receive, respond to or refer telephone calls to the appropriate officers, as required.
10. To maintain the highest professional standards for the Property Service administration
service in accordance with Council Policy, and to monitor service delivery to ensure that the
required standards are attained.
11. To provide the administration and support services in such a manner as to ensure that good
public relations are maintained at all times.
12. To ensure that services are provided in accordance with the Council’s commitment to a
fairer Islington and high quality service provision to customers/clients.
13. To use and assist others to use Information Technology systems to carry out duties in the
most effective and efficient manner. To use a computer terminal for the input and extraction of
data whilst carrying out duties associated with this post.
14. To perform any other reasonable, minor and non-recurring duties, appropriate to the post,
as determined by the Customer Services Manager.

Pay rate: £29.62 per hour umbrella

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent