Electoral Services Asisstant

Job Details

Role Purpose

Working with the Senior Electoral Officer, to support, assist and help ensure the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Electoral Services Unit which are, in accordance with it’s business plan:
• The collection, provision, maintenance and update of the Electoral Register, as defined by Statute, stakeholder expectations and corporate standards;
• The facilitation and maintenance of the franchise voting rights and products of the Borough’s 180,000 electors including Polling Station, Absent and Special category electors
• the organisation and administration of all elections and referenda in Haringey including Borough, Parliamentary, Greater London, European, and national and Local referenda as defined by Statute and Electoral Commission requirements
• The recruitment and training of teams of persons to engage in registration canvassing and Electoral activities,
• To provide help and support to customers as defined by electoral requirements and the “four values” of the Council;
• To help maintain necessary post-election storage and data-protection activities in respect of elections.
in accordance with the Representation to the People, Electoral Administration and Greater London Government Acts, and as required by Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission

Main Responsibilities

To collect, provide, maintain and update the Electoral Register;
1. Administrative duties in the compilation of the electoral register in accordance with the Representation of People and Electoral Administration legislation, including the despatch, receipt, processing and determination of applications to register by Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) and Invitations to Register (ITRs), whether by online or hard copy application, and ensuring the safe and relevant use, storage and return of personal evidence;
2. To help organise and maintain such registration on the bespoke IT electoral software and through the annual canvass of all 109,000 Haringey dwellings each autumn, through the Springtime distribution to all dwellings of Household Notification Letters (HNLs) and through the daily “Rolling Registration” process of adding, changing and, where necessary, deleting electors;
3. To utilise data–matching tools as consistent with electoral, data protection and GDP regulations and as recommended by Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission to verify applications to register.
4. To correspond with electors and applicants to advise them of the progress and status of their registration and rights to particular franchise products
To facilitate and maintain franchise voting rights and products
5. Support the Electoral Registration Officer to determine applications to vote by post, by proxy and by Franchise status based on evidence and data-matching with a variety of sources and updating the Electoral Register.
6. To collate, scan and verify such applications and to help maintain on the bespoke electoral software the files of Absent and special category Voters including postal, proxy, postal proxy, overseas, anonymous, crown servant, and Service voters;

To support the organisation and administration of all elections in Haringey

7. Support with duties in carrying out the programme plan of each election , including:
• Preparation, despatch and delivery of poll and postal poll cards
• Supporting and advising the wider “500” election staff
• Arranging Poll Staff training dates and disseminating EC training packs
• Ensuring staff attend and complete the training sessions
• Implementing the specific registration timetable contingent upon each type of election
• Respond to queries about polling stations and absent votes
• Assist in the safe storage and allocation of ballot papers
• Arrange and prepare items of electoral equipment, including packs, notices and sundries
• All aspects of the postal vote process such as issuing, opening, and scanning statements

Pay rate: £20.30 per hour

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent