Emergency Housing Officer (Housing Benefits and Planning)

Job Details

Job Purpose:
The Emergency Housing Officer deals with the day-to-day supply of emergency accommodation as
well as the placement of households in urgent housing need into emergency accommodation. The
officer will also be responsible for verification of occupancy of emergency units, cancellation and
movement of households within available units to achieve best use of nightly paid accommodation.
The team works closely with the housing benefits service to ensure maximum take-up of benefits to
households placed in hotels, hostels and other emergency accommodation schemes.

Principal Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
1. Make a positive contribution to the delivery of the service, this will include working flexibly
and positively to achieve the objectives of the Council.
2. Manage and lead staff to achieve high performance and effective operational delivery,
including developing and improving staff capability.
3. Manage a customer focused service and the effective use of resources.
4. Ensure that the Council’s overall vision, values and ethos are central to the requirements of
the service.
5. Support effective working relationships and act as an ambassador and advocate with
external organisations.
6. Keep up to date with developments in service delivery and best practice to ensure the
service performs effectively and to the highest standards.
7. Make appropriate bookings and allocations to hotels, hostels and other emergency
accommodation. The postholder will select suitable households against agreed allocation
criteria and taking into account particular medical, vulnerable and area restrictions.
8. Ensure that all bookings and allocations are made within agreed timescales and assessing
affordability when considering clients for emergency accommodation in accordance with the
overall benefit cap.
9. Actively liaise with providers and managing agents where accommodation-related problems
are identified to ensure that actions are taken to resolve any issues raised and transfer
tenants into more suitable accommodation in line with their special needs.

This role consists of 36 hours a week and has an hourly pay rate of £22.29 per hour