Emergency Planning & Resilience Manager

Job Details

Make a positive contribution to the delivery of the service, this will include working flexibly and
positively to achieve the objectives of the council.
2. Manage and lead staff to achieve high performance and effective operational delivery, including
developing and improving staff capability.
3. Manage a customer focused service and the effective use of resources.
4. Ensure that the council’s overall vision, values and ethos are central to the requirements of the
5. Support effective working relationships and act as an ambassador and advocate with external
6. Keep up to date with developments in service delivery and best practice to ensure the service
performs effectively and to the highest standards.
7. To support the Council in the formulation and implementation of policy and standards and to
ensure that the Council meets its obligations under the Civil Contingencies Act.
8. To interpret and advise the Council on the implications of national, regional, and local civil
contingencies guidance and plans.
9. To provide leadership and guidance on emergency planning, resilience and business continuity
issues, both during working hours and during pre-planned events and major incidents

To develop & maintain corporate & service BC plans in line with ISO 22301, to ensure that the
Council can continue to respond to emergencies and support and reduce the impact to the
public even when the Council is directly affected by disruptive challenges.
11. Lead on the development of risk assessments for local & sub-regional risks, including plan
writing & training.
12. Manage the promotion of both business continuity, emergency planning and resilience to local
businesses, residents, staff & voluntary organisations.
13. Maintain a high level of awareness of developments within the Council, in London & UK wide,
supply information & advice to colleagues, senior managers & members proactively.
14. To work in partnership with other Council services, external partners and government bodies,
specifically, London Resilience Group, the emergency services and neighbouring Local
15. To represent the Council at local liaison meetings, Local Resilience Fora, regional and national
16. Advise and brief elected members on emergency planning, resilience and business continuity
arrangements, as required.
17. To prepare briefings for chief officers on emergency planning, resilience and business continuity
matters, as required.
18. In the event of a major incident (Civil Emergency), oversee the operation of the Council’s
Borough Emergency Control Centre and other response arrangements, ensuring the Council is
capable of providing an effective response to a wide range of foreseeable incidents.
19. Advise the Chief Executive on emergency planning and resilience matters when acting as
‘London Local Authority Gold Chief Executive’.
20. Chair the Brent Resilience Forum to ensure Governance and provide the necessary oversight,
audit and compliance with the review and management of risks that face the London Borough of
21. To develop the annual business plans for the service and the Brent Resilience Forum
22. To participate as required in the unit’s Out of Hours on call Rota
23. To functionally manage and supervise various grades of staff and resources of the Borough
Emergency Control Centre during an incident.
24. To manage the overall workload, staffing, financial and other resources of the service area to
ensure the most effective use of resources consistent with council policy, priorities and
decisions on levels of services to be provided
25. Make a positive contribution to the delivery of the service, this will include working flexibly and
positively to achieve the objectives of the Council.

payrate:£35.96 umbrella