Experienced Social Worker (Children)

Job Details

. To be the allocated worker for children looked after. To deliver services which are sensitive to the needs of children, young people and families, to the highest professional standards.

  1. To encourage and support looked after children and leaving care young people to participate in all decision-making processes affecting their lives (according to their age and stage of development).
  2. To provide ongoing timely assessment, planning, implementation and review for allocated cases, working in partnership with children, young people and families, and partner agencies.
  3. To undertake effective analysis and management of risk for allocated children/young people, under the supervision of the team manager.
  4. To implement Permanency plans and maintain up to date Care or Pathway Plans.
  5. Work jointly with family placement colleagues in family finding and linking for permanency, and placement.
  6. Conduct statutory visits, reviews, Court Reports, etc. in relation to Adoption Regulations.
  7. Monitor and promote health, education and EET needs and any special needs, to ensure these are met and improve life chances.
  8. Re-assess children/young people’s needs in the light of changes in circumstances, behavior and family situation, etc. and undertake direct work with children/young people.
  9. To comply with the requirements of relevant legislation, guidance, and practice standards, in accordance with Children’s Social Care Policies and Procedures and OSCB Safeguarding Procedures, including statutory visiting and related recording.
  10. Ensure all records and information systems are kept accurate and up to date, including the inputting and updating of the Department’s computerized information systems.
  11. Liaise with colleagues in all teams and acceptance of cases from Family Solutions Plus teams, according to established protocols.
  12. To work closely with residential homes, foster carers and adopters as appropriate.
  13. To also work closely with health, education, Virtual School, CAHMS and other professionals to ensure all needs are met.
  14. Provide ongoing support to children leaving the looked after system to return home for a limited period or as part of a reunification plan, as agreed by protocols, etc.
  15. To develop, monitor and review the Pathway Plans to ensure needs are met.
  16. To provide and access various information, advice, planning and preparation, and holistic support to meet young people’s developing needs, especially in health, housing and post 16 careers.
  17. To ensure young people are aware of and receive their financial entitlements.
  18. To liaise with other agencies. To coordinate the provision of services and take reasonable steps to ensure that the young person makes use of such services
  19. To keep in touch with the young person and take reasonable steps to re-establish contact if this is lost.
  20. Keep abreast of current research and national developments.
  21. To take part in the team duty system/rota.


The nature of this post will require flexibility to meet urgent work needs as they arise.  This will inevitably entail some work outside normal office hours

Payrate £27.00-£36.ooumbrella