finance officer/ assistant accountant

Job Details

London borough of Lambeth are looking for an finance officer to support and implement the changing role of finance in becoming a service that is proactive, takes ownership and maximises benefit from technological changes, focuses on becoming a data led, value adding professional advisory and support function whilst also ensuring appropriate controls are in place in relation to transitional processing.


  1. Provide effective, responsive, proactive and valued business support relationships with given areas, work with and support them in achieving their outcomes while driving financial improvements and delivering excellent customer service. This includes taking ownership to ensure the outcomes are delivered and working collaboratively with other colleagues/services to do this where necessary.
  2. Promote good working relationships with the external/internal auditors and contribute to the prompt resolution of any audit queries. Providing support where necessary to senior officers with regard to audit queries.
  3. Ensure the council’s accounts reflect the true accounting position and transactional postings to the chart of accounts are correct at source, for relevant areas.
  4. Enable service users, through training, guidance, and other means (as appropriate) to enhance knowledge and promote a culture of compliance with defined financial processes and controls. To ensure that the financial governance requirements are understood and accepted by the business and that the implications of non-compliance are made clear for given areas.
  • Develop effective, proactive and valued business support relationships with relevant budget holders that assists the directorates/divisions/areas in achieving their outcomes whilst driving financial improvements. This includes taking ownership to see the outcome delivered and working collaboratively with other colleagues/services to do this, where necessary.
  • Contribute to becoming a pro-active team of finance staff that take ownership, personally responsibility, accountability and work in a collaborative manner to deliver a value adding, customer focused finance function, ensure outcomes are delivered which is positively recognised by service colleagues and others involved
  • Champion a performance culture, championing efficiency and value for money across all services.
  • Work with colleagues and partners providing specialist advice, information, resources, and ideas to support the development of effective delivery services for the benefit of service users and the community.
  • Actively encourage and promote a culture of transparency and engagement, forming partnerships and developing effective working relationships with partners and service providers to support the successful delivery of services

Payrate: £186.06 umbrella

1day in office a week!