Health and Safety Adviser

Job Details

Hackney council are looking for an health and safety adviser to Provide advice and support to managers and employees on all health and safety matters, including legal compliance, operational best practice, accident and ill health prevention, in accordance with Council policies and procedures.


Contribute to the Council’s audit programme of health and safety performance, conducting site visits, gathering evidence and interviewing employees as necessary.
1.5 Conduct investigations of accidents and incidents, producing reports as required, and making practical, cost-effective recommendations as appropriate and ensure that actions are taken as necessary to protect the Council’s employees, reputation and assets.
1.6 In conjunction with Organisational and Employee Development team, assist with the development of training plans to ensure that mangers and employees have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills to effectively manage the health and safety risks they are responsible for.
1.7 Provide managers with support, advice and assistance in the preparation and implementation of health and safety risk assessments and provide a risk assessment quality assurance function.
1.8 Contribute to the Council’s monitoring of its health and safety performance in order to identify trends and inadequately controlled risks.
1.9 Contribute to the development and implementation of building emergency plans and procedures.
1.10 Undertake health and safety inspections and site-visits of Council buildings and services and producing recommendations and remedial action plans.
1.11 Contribute to in-house health and safety training delivery, including providing briefings and training delivery as required.



payrate: £28.55 umbrella